Buying Laptops in Nigeria can be exhausting and sometimes it gets frustrating. With so many variations in laptop specs and prices, it makes it difficult for shoppers narrow down the options.

If you find yourself in such a situation, then, don’t worry, I can help you narrow down your selection and find a laptop that suits your personal and professional need within your budget.

Where to Buy Laptops in Nigeria 2018?

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Here is how to find the perfect model when shopping online.

You should keep in mind that getting the perfect laptop does not necessarily depend on the technical specification of the device. It depends more on what suits your need.

Are you buying the laptop for entertainment?

Do you just want to use the laptop for watching movies?

Do you want a laptop with a long battery life or you want a device with a very sharp and bright display?

Your preference might be a device that is very portable or all you care about might be speed or large space.


If you don’t have an idea of the top laptop brands in the industry you might want to start first by taking a look at best brands in Nigeria as of 2016. These brands all have good qualities they are known for.

Best Laptop Brands
Best Laptop Brands


Acer Laptops

Acer is known to offer a wide range of laptops that stand out while trying to keep the price low.  Most of the poor rating of Acer Laptop comes as a result of its design as Acer mostly uses textured plastics for most of its design.  Acer has the poorest design on our ratings. However, some of the Acer models are great.

 Acer Laptops in Nigeria
Acer Laptops in Nigeria

These are some of the qualities:

  • Long lasting batteries
  • Acer laptops have HD display available in its modern design.
  • They run on Windows OS and are powered by Intel processor for speed

Where to find an Acer Laptop to Buy in Nigeria

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Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo Laptops are some of the most reliable brands among Top selling Laptop PC brand in Nigeria. Although we ranked it 4th place, some Lenovo Laptops models are just great.

Lenovo Laptops in Nigeria
Lenovo Laptops in Nigeria

Lenovo laptops are among the top selling Laptop brands in Nigeria due to its reliable huge range of notebooks at affordable prices. Lenovo produces some of the best laptops in the industry like the ThinkPads, the Yogas and the 2-in-1’s.

Lenovo ThinkPad laptop: This laptop range delivers the ultimate experience in business computing. These devices are powered for extreme productivity, and are ideal for professionals and business users who want a high productivity tool.

Lenovo IdeaPads are another well-crafted range of solid Lenovo laptops. They blend power performance that comes with great entertainment features, enhanced audio and video performance as well as elegant, functional design.

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Dell Laptops

Dell came the second position in our ranking. As a leader in this industry, Dell continues to outshine competitors by offering the strongest and most diverse laptop PC in the industry.



Dell is among the best laptop brands loved by tech experts and those who spend hours on the laptop typing or coding. This is because of the high-quality typing experience the Dell brand offers.

Where to find a Dell Laptop to Buy in Nigeria

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ASUS Laptops

In the last three years, Asus has recorded significant improvement to be rated 3rd in 2016 as it was used to be rated about 7th among leading Laptop PC brands.

Asus Laptops in Nigeria

This Taiwanese company has always has been fast to embrace new technologies and has also continuously come up with quality and attractive design which most customers love.

Asus Laptops come in a surprising fusion of notebook and tablet that easily lets you multi-task. They can transform into a tablet and still maintain great performance.

Where to find an Asus Laptop to Buy in Nigeria

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HP Laptops

The ranking has not really been encouraging. It was previously rated top of the list (about the third place) now falling to the sixth place in 2016. This was as a result of some poor products HP produced in 2015 that suffered poor batter life. Some of these products are Spectre x2 2-in-1, EliteBook 745 G3 and Envy 13t.


HP has some great laptops in the industry and has earned its reputation in all the years since establishment.

Where to find a HP Laptop to Buy in Nigeria

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Microsoft Laptops

Microsoft with its success with the Surface brand is quickly becoming Windows laptop of choice. The company has been innovative but has the tendency to release products with some defects as experienced with the Poor Camera in Surface Pro 4 and touchpad on the Surface book. This negative experience lasted from November 2015 to April 2016. However, the 4th and current Surface Pro 4 works flawlessly. No glitches. No Bugs. No problems. Yet, No Problems Yet.  It is quite a premium Device.

Like the Apple Laptops, Products from this brand are also quite pricey.


Microsoft claims with the release of its Microsoft Surface Book, they now have the “ultimate laptop” that is designed to go head-to-head with Apple’s MacBook and other premium laptops.

Where to find a Microsoft Laptop PC to Buy in Nigeria

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Apple Laptops

Apple remains our top brand, this has been due to its combination of best-in-class laptops and industry-leading tech support.

Also, like the Microsoft Laptops, Products from this brand are also quite pricey.


Where to find an Apple Laptop PC to Buy in Nigeria

Jumia: Apple Laptop Offers,

Konga: Apple Laptop Offers

Price on Konga

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Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba brand has ranked the lowest in recent years when compared with competing brands. This poor performance has been mainly attributed to the brands’ poor-quality laptops and poor design.


Although Toshiba ranks the lowest on Konga Laptop Review’s 2016 list, the brand has earned some great reviews in the past year by mainly casual internet surfers and students. Toshiba has few great laptops like the Chromebook and the 2-in-1. The gaming laptop from Toshiba has also earned a reputation of having a great display.

Where to find a Toshiba Laptop PC to Buy in Nigeria

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Samsung Laptops

Samsung is quite a giant when it comes to the telecommunication industry and of cause most people know about Samsung’s smartphones through the famous Samsung Galaxy series of smartphone. However, the Samsung brand plays a relatively minor role in the laptop market.


Samsung manufactures both laptops with small displays and large displays.  In 2015 the company manufactured some a few thin and sleek laptops like the ATIV Book 9, but most of them fell short in battery life when compared with the competition with the same design.

Where to find a Samsung Laptop PC to Buy in Nigeria

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Now you have an idea of the brand you might want to go for, if you are constrained by budget, the next thing to do is to check our list of best laptop deals in Nigeria.

As you shop online, you will want to make sure you read a good number of laptop reviews on this sites and of cause, you can find so many reviews on the product page on Konga Nigeria.

You can also ask friends and colleagues for their opinion on whatever model you have in mind. Another option is contacting me. I will be happy to guide you through getting the right laptop that suits you.

I hope I was able to help you make a choice of the right Laptop to Buy in Nigeria. 

Still not sure of the Laptop to Buy ? Do you have questions? Feel free to drop your comment below and we will be glad to help.

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Thanks for reading- The Best Laptop to Buy in Nigeria in 2018



  1. Great list, thanks! If need more graphical power you could also consider using an external GPU, like the Razer Core, in combination with your laptop. You do need to have a USB-C port though.

  2. Are there affordable laptops with beautiful design (e.g white/cream/gold/wine red in colour) that are reasonably fast, with strong battery power and good display, and lightweight?


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