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    How to write a resume

    How to Write a Winning Resume in Nigeria

    Today we’re talking about how to create the perfect marketing materials for your business. Yes, you heard me correctly, the perfect marketing material for your business. Whether you have a physical store where you sell products or you work for a company – let’s say a bank, one way or the other you are in the business of selling something. It’s either you offering your skill in the form of service or you offer a product in exchange for a reward— money. Salespeople are trained to find out what a customer’s needs are. Questions are...
    Importance of Girl Child Education

    Importance of Girl Child Education: Skill Every Nigerian Girl Should Have

    Turning 20 can marks the end of teenage years and the first steps into adulthood. A good number of Nigerian girls do not have the luxury of early childhood development like their peers in the West. Most of them grow up not knowing how to eat healthily, why they need to read a lot of books etc. This is why it turns out that most of the young ladies in Nigeria are still lacking important skills that can make their lives happier. If you are still yet to turn 20,...