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    Price of Exercise Machine – Best Prices in Nigeria 2018

    Price of Exercise Machine Pro Ab King With Rope For Tummy Trimming ₦ 36,500 - ₦ 38,500   Bodyfit AB KING PRO ₦ 23,000 - ₦ 35,000   Universal Ab King Pro - Multipurpose Fitness Machine ₦ 34,190 - ₦ 35,000   Revoflex Extreme Abs Trainer ₦ 6,100 - ₦ 9,000   Body Fit Sit-up Bench For Flattening Of Tummy  ₦ 13,000 - ₦ 16,000 Key Features Works like Magic to flatten the tummy The curve adds several inches to your extension Easily emphasises lower abdominal muscles and builds the abs you want in less time. Soft foam rollers protect your knees and ankles Gripping...

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