10 Health Benefits Of Garlic


Many Nigerians have been asking about the health benefits of Garlic so I decided to write an article about its importance and medical value.

As Africans, we already know the medicinal value of herbs. For several years garlic has been prescribed by medical professionals as a cure to many sicknesses.

Maybe you’ve seen people take garlic for health benefits but you are the “sceptical type” and you really want to do your research to be certain. So let’s get to the point already.

Are there any proven health benefits of garlic?

Well…the answer is YES. Modern science has confirmed that garlic can be used in the prevention and treatment of many ailments and diseases. Garlic contains Allicin which is one of the main components that has healing properties.

Even cultures that developed without contact with each other arrived at similar conclusions on the benefits of garlic.

I have compiled a list of 10 very important benefits of taking garlic.

Garlic Health Benefits

  1. Garlic Provides Strength and Increases Work Capacity.

Garlic significantly increases strength and work capacity. This has been confirmed time and time again. Garlic was given to original Olympic alleles in Greece as a “performance enhancing”agent. Nutrient Journe

“A decrease in whole-blood viscosity has been shown to have several advantages in sports performance (such as increased oxygen and nutrient supply to working muscle tissues, and thus increasing exercise performance.”Continue Reading

2. Garlic Is Very Rich In Nutrients

Garlic is very rich in manganese, vitamin B6 Vitamin C, Selenium, fibre Calcium Copper Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron and Vitamin B. It has a trace amount of many other nutrients that are good for a healthy body.

3. Garlic Can Be Used Against Sickness, Including Catarrh

Garlic can help to boost the immune system and protect against sickness including cold and catarrh.

In a 12-week study that was conducted among 140 random volunteers confirmed that garlic can fight against catarrh. In the study, it was learned that catarrh was reduced by more than 60% among the volunteers who received garlic.  You can read about the research Here

4. Garlic Helps to Fight Against Blood Pressure

Over the years garlic has been used in the treatment and prevention of heart-related disease.

Using garlic has proven to have positive effects by lowering blood pressure. Several clinical studies conducted between 1979 and 2013 have shown that garlic reduced blood pressure in more than 80% of patients suffering from high blood pressure. Read about the study Here

5. Garlic Helps to Fight Against Infectious Diseases

For many years, garlic has been used as a useful solution against infectious diseases. Allicin in garlic has an active antibacterial compound which modifies the ability of bacteria to reproduce itself thus preventing them from spreading.

Raw garlic can be introduced into the salad to kill germs. It can also be used to rub meat. It works great to kill germs!

6. Garlic Can be Used in Fighting Infections in the Mouth.

Garlic acts in the same ways as ciprofloxacin and can be used in fighting infection in the mouth. (human dental plaque microbiota)

7. Garlic Helps Protect from Diabetes Risk and Control Blood Sugar

Garlic contains a low glycemic index and contains Vitamin B1 that prevent a sudden increase in sugar level.

8. Garlic Helps Treat Eye Infections and Swelling

Garlic contains nutrients like Selenium, Vitamin C and Quercetin which help treat eye infections and swelling.

9. Garlic Eliminates Digestive Problems

Taking garlic daily can help in a better functioning of the intestines, therefore eliminating digestive problems.

10. Garlic is Used in Treating Ear Infection

Garlic contains several antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic properties that can be used in treating an ear infection.


Garlic helps in lowering blood pressure and can also help people that are diabetic. It also protects the body from various cancers including breast, prostate, and colon. Garlic has so many positives and it’s really hard to find a reason not to add garlic to your daily diet.



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