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    10 Health Benefits Of Garlic

    10 Health Benefits Of Garlic

    Many Nigerians have been asking about the health benefits of Garlic so I decided to write an article about its importance and medical value. As Africans, we already know the medicinal value of herbs. For several years garlic has been prescribed by medical professionals as a cure to many sicknesses. Maybe you've seen people take garlic for health benefits but you are the "sceptical type" and you really want to do your research to be certain. So let's get to the point already. Are there any proven health benefits of garlic? Well...the answer...
    Causes of Stress

    7m Nigerians suffer stress – 5 Causes of Stress

    Dr Olabode Shabi, Chairman of the Society of Family Physicians of Nigeria, (SFPN) A medical consultant has said that about seven million Nigerians are currently suffering from mental health problems associated with stress and depression. Dr Olabode described stress as an exaggeration of normal physical response to events and life challenges that makes a person feel threatened or upset in some ways. In his presentation titled ‘’Stress and Depression in Workplace: Strategic approach to management.’’ Shabi said that depression is a common mental health problem affecting 29 million in Africa...