Trying to get a job fast? There are some things that don’t take a lot of time to do that can help you get a job quickly in Nigeria. I’ve heard from job seekers in Nigeria who simply didn’t know some of those things that can help them quickly secure a job.

It may take you a couple of months, it all depends on your level of experience and what you’re aiming to achieve. There are four main steps.

How to Get Your Dream Job Fast

i. Make an inventory of your skill

You have to figure out what exactly we’re good at and put it down on paper.

ii. Draw a career action plan

This is a written document that lays out the steps you need to help you reach your short and long-term goals. It serves as a road-map of how you can get from the point in which you start off your career and climb up the ladder. (Read my article on 8 Tips On How to Choose a Career)

iii. Learn

From the two previous stages above, you might have figured out some additional skill you need to learn. There are many ways you can onboard a new skill without going back to school.

iv. Choose how to make an impact

We live in a world of systems–where small changes can lead to larger changes. You need to find a way to volunteer somewhere or tutor someone on what you already know. Find a way you can make an impact, no matter how little. This sounds American right?

You need to keep a detailed report of everything you do in this phase.

In the next post, I’ll teach you how to position yourself in a way people will love to connect with you.

I guess you’ve gotten the hint. Getting the dream job is more about networking (as the whites call it), we know it as connection.

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