Turning 20 can marks the end of teenage years and the first steps into adulthood. A good number of Nigerian girls do not have the luxury of early childhood development like their peers in the West. Most of them grow up not knowing how to eat healthily, why they need to read a lot of books etc. This is why it turns out that most of the young ladies in Nigeria are still lacking important skills that can make their lives happier.

If you are still yet to turn 20, there is no better time to start learning these important skills if you lack them. Doing so would definitely make your life in adulthood less stressful.

Skill Every Nigerian Girl Should Have

  1. How to Shop, Cook and Eat Healthily

How to Shop, cook and eat healthy is not complicated, but it is definitely a skill all teen girls should master. As a young lady, you should know how to Plan your meals, shop once a week, cook some basic meals, shop for the right kitchen equipment. You should also have the knowledge of a healthy diet. You should make sure your meals are balanced, containing the right amount of carbohydrate, proteins & fats.

  1. Learning and Reading

Reading is for the mind while exercise is for the body. As technology spreads around the world, the cost of information has become cheap. Books are now easily assessable. If you are not making a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out on a number of benefits such as vocabulary expansion, knowledge, memory improvement, better writing skills etc.

  1. Use a Computer and find your way around the Web

We live in an information age where almost whatever information you are searching for is somewhere on the web. As a girl, if you don’t know how to use a computer or find your way around the web, you are missing out. You should strongly consider getting this skill.

  1. Budgeting and Money Management

You don’t just grow up knowing how to plan a budget and manage money. It is a skill that is learned and mastered with time. You have to know how to make a list of what you need for a set period of time and how much it will cost you.

  1. Staying Healthy and Exercising

In Nigeria, we think exercising is for boys. This shouldn’t be the case. Exercising is something you do to stay healthy. Exercising has benefits of improving your mood, helping you sleep better, get more energy, improve memory etc.

  1. Getting Stuff Done by Yourself

As little girls, our parents help us to do almost everything. But once we get to our teenage, we have to learn be more responsible and do basic things on our own, like cleaning our bedrooms and doing our laundry.

  1. Taking Care of yourself and Proper Hygiene

Personal hygiene means cleaning and caring for your body. We have been taught the importance of personal hygiene and why girls should maintain a good hygiene for many reasons. It is important for personal health, social and many more reasons. It can prevent the development and spread of disease, infection, illness and bad odours.

  1. Dressing

There are a lot of girls I see around that are dress very poorly. What they don’t realize is,  when you dress well, you gain more respect and trust. The clothes you wear speak a lot of what people think of you. When you dress well people will be more eager to listen to what you have to say.

9.Basics of How to Care for a Baby

All young girls should know the basics skills of how to care for a baby. Most of us will become mothers in the future. The earlier girls start learning the better.


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