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    Successful Entrepreneurs In Nigeria

    10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs In Nigeria Do Differently

    Mike Adenuga Aliko Dangote Linda Ikeji Femi Otedola Jimoh Ibrahim These names all come to mind when you think of successful people in Nigeria. And even though all five are great example of success, there are lots of other Nigerians who are successful in their own right, although I may not know their names. One thing I have come to learn is that successful people all do similar things. They do things that set them apart from ordinary Nigerians who work their 8-to-5 jobs. If you want to succeed as one of...
    Amazing Business Ideas & Opportunities in Nigeria

    Amazing Business Ideas & Opportunities in Nigeria

    For those of you still struggling to come up with ideas, I decided to share an excerpt from my new book Amazing Business Ideas & Opportunities in Nigeria with you to serve as a guide. As you read through, you should think about the following: What are you passions What value can you deliver What skills, knowledge do you have to offer the world Who do you want to serve What do you want to do long term Please know this, there are no “best internet business idea or opportunity”...

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