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Nigerian Online Shopping Sites 2017

    Ten years ago online shopping in Nigeria was quite new. Today, this is no longer news as many residence of Nigeria most especially young folks are beginning to enjoy the fun and convenience that comes with a safe and secure eCommerce experience. Just Like Amazon in the United States, these eCommerce sites offer a range of products. Ranging from phones, electronic gadgets, computers, to fashion, clothing, kitchen appliances, books and sundry.  

    Top Online Stores in Nigeria

    The Top Online Stores in Nigeria are Jumia.com.ng, Konga.com, Kara.com, Kaymu.

    Price of Rice, Pasta & Noodles in Nigeria

    Price of Rice, Pasta & Noodles in Nigeria – Best Prices in Nigeria 2018

    Price of Rice, Pasta & Noodles in Nigeria Indomie NOODLES - Chicken Flavour - 70g X 40 (1 Carton) ₦ 1,800 - ₦ 2,400 KEY FEATURES Instant Noodles Size: 40 x 70g Highly Nutritious Easy to prepare Excellent and satisfying taste Honeywell Family Bundle ₦ 1,850 - ₦ 2,665 The Honeywell Super Family Bundle contains: 1 pack of  Honeywell Wheat Meal 1kg 1 pack of  Honeywell Semolina 1kg 3 packs of Honeywell Macaroni 500g 2 packs of Honeywell Spaghetti 500g 2 packs of  Honeywell Noodles 120g 6 packs of Honeywell Noodles 70g The Honeywell Super Family Bundle...
    Jumia Nigeria - Online Shopping in Nigeria

    Jumia Nigeria – Best Nigerian Online Shopping Sites 2018

    Click Here to Visit Jumia Nigeria Jumia is a giant player in the online shopping business in Nigeria and around Africa. Jumia has a couple of eCommerce sites to serve the need of West African residents. According to Wikipedia  the business was founded in 2012 by a team that included Jeremy Hodara, Sacha Poignonnec, Tunde Kehinde, Raphael Afaedor, and Leonard Stiegeler, with funding from Rocket Internet. According to Wikipedia  as of 2015, Jumia has warehouses in ten other countries, including: Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, United Kingdom, Tanzania and Angola. See...