10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs In Nigeria Do Differently


These names all come to mind when you think of successful people in Nigeria.

And even though all five are great example of success, there are lots of other Nigerians who are successful in their own right, although I may not know their names.

One thing I have come to learn is that successful people all do similar things. They do things that set them apart from ordinary Nigerians who work their 8-to-5 jobs.

If you want to succeed as one of these great Nigerians I have mentioned above, you have to leave ordinary behind, do these 10 things successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria do and get ready for the big results that are sure to follow if you keep doing them consistently.

Things Successful Entrepreneurs In Nigeria Do Differently

1. They commit 100% to their goals

An ordinary Nigerian will set a goal 1st of January, by the third day, they already put the goal aside. Not successful people. When successful people sets goals, nothing stops them. Nothing gets in their way of achieving it. They commit 100 percent to the outcome. They don’t stop until they achieve their goal.

2. They persist until they achieve their goals.

It is true, obstacles to success are always there. You can’t always foresee what will happen. However, you can decide and commit to succeeding no matter what happens. Either you go around the obstacle, push the obstacle or whatever…the point is to remain persistent no matter what happens. This is what successful people do. And you should do the same if you want to be very successful.

3. They take responsibility and complain less

In Nigeria, people are famous for playing the blame game. When something goes wrong, they quickly find who should be blamed. Not successful people. You don’t hear them complain about the things that stopped them from success. They don’t make excuses. Instead, they get up and push themselves forward until they succeed.

4. They Work Very Hard

These successful Nigerians are not lazy. You can’t achieve success being lazy. You have to put in the time. If you want great results, you’ll have to wake up early, stay up late and do the work. It’s true, miracles happen, but common, success doesn’t just come to those who want it. You got to pay the price.

5. Find a mentor and emulate them

Fake it till you make it. I guess you have heard that before. If you want to be successful in life you need to spend time with others who are already successful. Okay, some might say, what if I don’t know a lot of successful people? That is okay, you can go on the internet, research them, read books written by them or about them. Listen to their radio interviews and watch them on TV.

6. They have a vision

You need to have a purpose. A vision for your life. Nigeria’s most successful people have a vision and not only that they also have an unshakable confidence in themselves. This is what helps them to keep going when things get difficult.

Ask yourself these questions: Do you have confidence in yourself? Do you believe you can achieve dreams? What do you want for this life?

Get a book and write in down.

7. They take care of themselves

Successful Nigerians try to eat healthily, they spend time exercising, they visit doctors for regular medical checkups etc. Of cause, you can find some exceptions to this rule.

8. They spend time to rest

I already told you hard work is very important if you must attain success. But you can’t just work all the time, you have to take some time off to relax. Remember the famous saying “all work no play makes Jenny a dull girl”. The point is if you don’t rest you won’t be around to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

9. They constantly learn new things

Successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria are always learning something new. They read books! This is where we black people are different from the white. We don’t like to read. when last did you read a book? Take up the challenge and read a book this month. Things have changed now, there are so many free courses online. If you

10. They Learn from their mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. We are bound to make mistakes in life. But what successful people in Nigeria do is, whenever they make a mistake, they learn from it. They take responsibility for their actions, learn from the experience and move on.

These are these 10 things successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria do. How many of them are you doing today?

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