Today we’re talking about how to create the perfect marketing materials for your business.

Yes, you heard me correctly, the perfect marketing material for your business.

Whether you have a physical store where you sell products or you work for a company – let’s say a bank, one way or the other you are in the business of selling something.

It’s either you offering your skill in the form of service or you offer a product in exchange for a reward— money.

Salespeople are trained to find out what a customer’s needs are. Questions are asked. Answers are listened to.
As a salesperson, your job is to help the customer say “yes.”. I want this product, I want this service.
Job seekers are salespeople as well – only they’re also the product being sold.

The Business Man offers products to customers in exchange for money.

The Bank worker offers her skills to employers (let’s say a bank) in exchange for money.

Employers (bank) offers banking services to customers in exchange for money.

The customer wants to be happy. They have a product they want to solve. They are the most important because they provide the money. They bring the money into this circle. If they don’t spend, employers, employees, and business will all eliminated.

This is what we know:

  1. There is you – Skillful Jane
  2. There is the employer – I call him The Boss
  3. There is the customer – The King.

Skilfull Jane >>>>>>>> The Boss >>>>>>>>>The King

Skillful Jane works for The Boss who serves the king.

If Jane might decide to open her company, in that case now, she directly serves the King

Skillful Jane >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The King

It’s all about service to The King.

What is a Resume?

A resume is the perfect marketing material for your business.

You are trying to sell your skill in the job market!

You are a business.

I guess you finally get it.

Anytime an employer post a job opening in Nigeria they get thousands of resumes.

Millions of Nigerians trying to market their skills quickly forward their resume.

This further complicates things for the boss.

The boss has to protect himself and make sure he hires the best skills that fit into his team that serves the King.

The boss has to provide an excellent service to the King.

He has to make a quick decision on who to hire so he doesn’t get fired by the king.

What makes a good Resume?

A good resume is a focused resume.

If you really understand what I am talking about, you know you have to spend time researching these two guys before you write your resume.

  • The King
  • The Boss

This will help you to be crystal clear about what they need before you send out your resume.

A Good Resume Is Important, But Can’t Overcome Bad Strategy

Most Nigerians are relying solely on their resumes to land them a job, sending them indiscriminately to dozens or hundreds of job postings at a time. That’s not a good Strategy.


Top performers play an entirely different game.

  1. They are Proactive
  2. They are Begin with the End in Mind
  3. They are enthusiastic about learning.
  4. They are not afraid to try increasingly more challenging things.

They take responsibility for their life.

They choose what you do. They understand that every moment, every situation provides a new choice. And doing so, it gives them a perfect opportunity to do things differently to produce positive results.

Yes, Nigerian economy might not be doing great, but guess what? Top performers still go out and search for what It working.

Because they know there is always something working!

Top performers have a vision, a plan or strategy for their life. They know exactly the kind of job they want. When they start a task they already know the kind of results they expect to get.

This is why they don’t apply for every job.

Top performers play to win, but they’re not afraid to make mistakes.

What do I mean?

You shouldn’t apply for every job. You should apply for your dream job and do all it takes to get it.

Research, learn, apply….do everything, grow….apply….learn…..until you get your dream job don’t settle.

Be great a skill and look for who wants to pay for the skill.

If they aren’t willing to hire you it means its either you are not yet great at the skill or you are presenting your service to the wrong person or both.

It could also be you are doing a poor job in marketing your skills.

Getting your dream job might take some time. It takes time to really be great at anything. It’s faster when you have a plan and stay focused and follow through with the plan.

You draw up a plan, a strategy, you test it, get results and continue refining your strategy until you get what you want.

I can give you some tactics to apply on your resume. But I want you to know at times you will fail. You might not get the job the first time you apply, but the secret is using this failure as an opportunity to gather data, and a step closer to your goal.

To be a Top performer, you have to trust the system, think of this as a process.

Look at kids, how they learn how to walk. They make mistakes hundreds of times.

Do they give up?


They get back up and try again. And within a couple of months, they walk.

Now you get the idea.

As long as you keep trying to get your dream job, you will get it.

You might ask, Jaime what if I can’t find my dream job?

Create it.

You are a Business. Remember?

How to create The Perfect Marketing Material – Your Game Plan

Start slow: doing research, talking to people in the industry, and building relationships and learn exactly what kind of resume they should create (and who they should send it to).

You have to start by understanding what you really want.

Knowing who do you want to work for.

What and Who’s problem do you want to solve.

What do you want to contribute to the world?

Then you can create a better resume and cover letter than any other applicant you’re competing against.

Step One – The Inventory

Do an inventory of everything- Your skill, knowledge, and challenges you’ve overcome.

The first step is to figure out what exactly we’re good at and put it down on paper.

What do your friends’ say you are great at?

Your inventory is your asset you are selling. You should always review your inventory and update as you learn new things.

Step Two- Market Research

Today, we’ll be researching the guys outside.

We’ll be researching our prospects — The Boss (Employer) and The King (Consumer). This is because we want to understand the demand.

We want to be learn everything we can about the employer and customer.

It is important to learn everything about the employer and customer so we can:

Know if their demand is in line with what we have to supply. (What we have to offer)

We also want to know how best to present what we have to supply.How to present our skill. How to prioritize our skill when we present it to the Boss.

Let’s take a very simple example so everyone can understand.

The King or The Boss put out an advert. He wants to hire plantain (he wants to buy plantain)

He sends out the following criteria:

  1. The seller must have 3 years of experience selling plantain
  2. The seller must be able to speak English and French.
  3. The seller must have a degree in selling plantain.
  4. And a bunch of nonsense…you get the picture.

The minute this job advert goes out, here’s what happens in Nigeria. Thousands of Nigerians forward their resume. Of cause including those selling beans and banana!

What does the employer do?

Since he doesn’t have all the time in the world, he uses 2 seconds to screen through the thousands of resume to find who offers the best plantain he wants to buy.

Yesterday I told you top performers don’t just apply for every job.

They start slow: doing research, talking to people in the industry, and building relationships and learn exactly what kind of resume they should create (and who they should send it to).

In the case of the plantain advert. This is what a top performer will do.

He’ll try to find out why The Boss wants to buy plantain. He’ll ask himself these questions: What problem is The Boss trying to solve? What King does he serve? Who is the plantain really meant for? Does the person prefer it ripe or unripe, long or short, big or small, how much does he pay for plantain, what’s the history of him buying plantain? Are there any more things for me to know?

You get the point.

Somewhere in his research, this is what Skilful Johnny will learn:

  1. The Boss prefers slightly ripe plantain
  2. He needs the plantain to prepare plantain chips.
  3. The plantain chips are meant for the kids of The King (customer).

What does Skillful Johnny do with his finding?

He ranks his finding in an order of importance. Because the employer is not interested to know everything about Johnny’s life. Only the things that can help him (the employer) solve his problem.

What do you think will be at the top of Johnny’s resume?

His age and Local government?


Will he start his resume with something like this?


No. Remember The Boss is not interested in learning about his age or where he comes from.

Since Johnny knows The Boss doesn’t have all the time, he’ll put what’s most important at the top of the resume where he knows The Boss can notice in less than 2 seconds of looking at his resume:


5/7 Island Street. Lagos State, P.O. Box 7.


 Sell The Best Slightly Ripe Plantain

I sell the best slightly ripe plantain suitable for plantain chips. I am also very good at preparing the best plantain chips the kids of the King like.

In just 2 seconds the employer knows he is the right fit for the job.

The Boss will be like???

WAOO…how did this guy know I needed ripe plantain.

How did he know I needed it for this particular customer?

How did he know what problem I am trying to solve?

Guess what?

Johnny will be invited for the interview. Why?

Because does more than just sell plantain.

The Boss knows Johnny has a lot of experience with this customer, he understands them, and he is the best fit to handle future challenges he and the customer might have.

The Boss and King Avatar

Getting to know The Boss and King and finding their pain points is the foundation of your marketing effort in getting your dream job or making more sales in your business.

A Boss and King Avatar is a fictional character that represents your ideal prospect i.e. your ideal employer.

Creating this avatar can help you target the right people when writing and sending out your resume.

In this step, you will be assembling data into an avatar. You will create a character with a story, with needs and desires.

You’ll start by identifying who your ideal Boss and King is. Another way to put it is…What kind of job do you want? What’s your dream job? Write it down.

Who is the Boss, Who is the King? Then dig deeper to know more.

To market your skills, product or service properly, a very important part of the process is–you must get clear on WHO your ideal Boss and King is, where they are hanging out, what their challenges are etc.


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